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Pathankot, Punjab


We have a healthy, nevertheless, sumptuous customized food platters ready to tickle your taste buds. Along with regular fare, there’s also a menu each for children, weight watchers, diabetics and those who call themselves the real foodies. The list actually runs into many pages with the section on health diets making out a special attraction. We are a restaurant that showcases the foods of colorful India. Steeped in history and traditions, India combines western and eastern influences with it’s own strong sense of identity to create one of the world’s most diverse nations. India’s cultural heritage reflects religious, architectural, philosophic, artistic, and culinary influences which have been developed, absorbed, spread and filtered throughout the country’s vast indo-subcontinental geography. From northern meat infused dishes to southern seafood plates, to accompany a variety of rices (pulao/biryani) and breads (naan/poori/paratha), India’s cuisine truly presents a colorful array of choices to delight the palate. Vegetables and fruits as well as spices, aromatics, and sweets are blended together in masterful savoury creations to tantalize the senses.